Magiclaffs- The Magic of Dr. Faria - Hypno-Comedy
Magiclaffs- The Magic of Dr. Faria - Professionally Funny Magic

Dr. Faria comes from a long-line of hypnotists.  His ancestor, Fr. Abbe' Jose' de Faria is the Spanish discoverer of hypnosis.  Having learned stage hypnosis at the age of 17, Dr. Faria presents a program of comedy hypnosis guaranteed to deliver laughs... Just what the doctor ordered.

You'll witness an incredible journey into the three-pound universe we call the brain. Both for the volunteers on stage and the audience in their seats it is an exciting demonstration of hypnosis at it's best. With over 25 years of performing experience, Faria will present to your group only the finest in Hypnotic Entertainment! 

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Faria Master Hypnotist
Faria, Master Hypnotist Promotion Video

A "typical" Faria Performance* is anything but typical:
  • Preshow Phenomena
  • Incredible Induction
  • A Vacation on Trance-world Cruise Ships
  • A trip back to Kindergarten
  •  Visit to the planet of the TV people: you'll meet CPT Kirk, Gilligan, Andy & Barney, and special talk show guests(Elvis?, The President?)
  • The X'tra Files: Cases from beyond your imagination
  • Post Hypnotic Symphony of Suggestion
*Every Performance is unique and several shows are tailored to holiday seasons (Halloween, Christmas, etc).

Performances are typically 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length depending on the number of participants, the performing conditions, and other factors.

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